Close Call on Takata Airbag Malfunction

I wanted to alert you to a new report of another close call in Australia with a Takata airbag malfunction in South Australia that I was made aware of yesterday morning by one of the All Auto Recalls partner vehicle manufacturers.

IMPORTANTLY it looks, at this stage from the reports, that the vehicle in question had been previously written off and repaired before being put back on the road. 

“BMW discovered her car had previously been written off in 2009, repaired and sold to her. The company is now trying to discover what parts were used to repair the car and where those parts came from.” 

See the article at this link here.

It is not yet clear if the airbag in question came from an auto recycler or if it was replaced at all during the repair, but PLEASE make sure that you have all the processes in place so that you are checking all your vehicle, past, present and future to ensure you are not selling recalled parts and keeping the customer’s safety front of mind.

Someone has been killed in Nevada from a faulty airbag purchased from an auto recycler, now we have this very close call here in Australia that has been reported (but yet to be confirmed that an auto recycler supplied the airbag). 

People’s lives are at risk and you can make a difference – this could happen to anyone!

…and, IT IS LAW

Australian Consumer Law prohibits the supply of goods to which a recall notice relates.  To do so may incur financial and other penalties under the law.  Further, under the recent compulsory Recall Notice, suppliers of spare parts have obligations  to identify and remove Affected Takata Airbag Inflators from the spare parts market.


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