Beyond Takata – Why other recalled automotive components need your attention

Is there a need to worry about automotive recalls beyond Takata?

In short, yes. We all know that suppliers of spare parts have obligations under the Compulsory Recall Notice to identify and remove Takata Airbag Inflators from the market – but what about other recalled components?

There are millions of vehicles and automotive component parts recalled every single year. As far as we know, none of these have had the serious consequences associated with Takata, however, it would be foolish to discount the potential risks in selling one of these defective components. As with some of the Takata inflators, the risks may not be exposed for another 10 years – but what then?

The potential risks to the supplier as exposed by the Takata recall have included hefty fines, law suits, loss of business and most importantly serious injury and even death – what if that recalled part you sold last week, albeit unknowingly, is the cause of a serious injury or even a fatal accident just as the Takata inflator was? – Are you prepared for the consequences? Will it be enough to say “I didn’t know it was recalled” or “But it wasn’t compulsory”?

It’s time for the spare parts industry to take responsibility. The risk to your customers and the risk to you are extreme. You need to know if what you are selling has been subject to a recall.

At the International Round Table of Automotive Recycling (IRT) in the UK last May, global auto recycling associations rated vehicle manufacturer part recalls as one of the 6 critical priorities for the industry. The fact is that the millions of vehicles and component parts recalled every single year will ultimately end up in an automotive recycling facility.

More than 36% of these vehicles you handle have had at least one recall activated, while greater that 15% having been affected by a recalled Takata airbag. *

*Data derived from 15,768 VIN checks performed across all makes by subscribers on All Auto Recalls from 01/01/19 – 14/07/19

As an auto recycler you simply cannot ignore recalled components. To sell one can be potentially like selling a ticking time bomb – are you prepared to take the risk?

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